Health Benefits

With our GMO free grass-fed cows we produce an even healthier premium quality milk.

Thanks to its content on polyunsaturated fatty acids which are essential for humans (Omega-3 a.k.a a-linoleic acid is part of it) our UHT milk has a real nutritional interest and positive impact on health.

Not forgetting that our milk has all the Calcium needed for our kids to grow stronger and healthier!*


Why Omega-3 is so important?

  • It reduces the risk of bad cholesterol and therefore cardiovascular diseases too.

  • It is necessary for the good development and function of the retina, brain and nervous system.
  • Prevents inflammatory or autoimmune diseases.



Prospérité Omega-3 content
VS Conventional Milk

Prospérité UHT milk presents 0.9%**  of Omega-3 compared to conventional UHT milk that has a content  of Omega-3 of only 0.6% (Eurofins analysis).

Saturated fatty should negatively affect health, that’s why we propose premium grass-fed cows UHT milk with only 68% of it! (compared to 70% in conventional milk).

*500 – 800 mg/day with just two bowls of our premium UHT milk!
**Grazing milk could contain 1% of omega-3.
*** French Agency for Food, Environmental and Occupational Health & Safety.

Source : VIA LACTA milk analysis (july 2019) EUROFINS. – Bulletin Académique des Vétérinaire France 2016 Tome 169 N°3 – Société Française de Nutrition – ANSES – AFSSA

All In accordance with the recommendations of the health authorities: