Quality First

Because we simply care about doing things right, and know what is necessary to thrive for a better tomorrow, with our expertise at all levels, we propose premium UHT milk that meets everyone's expectations.

Control from A to Z

We know all about our milk and take care of its production all the way through the dairy chain.

“If you want something done right do it yourself” – Charles- Guillaume Étienne.

That’s why we have the control of everything even the production of our bottles. Literally from the cow to the bottle, we check the quality of the milk at each step of the way!

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Breeding model

Being part of a dairy cooperative, our farmers have the same goal of producing milk of the finest quality thanks to specifications based on their commitments.

Located in the Hauts-de-France region, our engaged farmers are aware that carrying out good breeding practices will ensure the perfect quality of Prospérité milk and have a positive impact on the environment making their work more fulfilling and valuable.

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Animal Welfare

The well being of our cows is as important as your health.

For us, it is logical to say that a healthy and happy cow will give the best milk!

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Health benefits

Thanks to our GMO free grass-fed cows, we produce an even healthier premium quality milk.

Providing nutritional benefits for all ages to be consumed without regrets.

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Features & applications

If it wasn’t enough, Prospérité milk has unique properties to create perfect barista drinks

It will bring the best taste and result to any kind of hot or cold drinks!

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