Our mission

Made in France, Prospérité is a creative milk, a value for the People, for the Earth !

Our commitments

We work together to implement the best conditions to be as responsible as possible for the environment, animals and people, whether they are breeders, partners or consumers.



We impose, each and all, a level of requirement constantly renewed, it is this rope to excellence that allows us to have a virtuous milk.



Since 1949, we have cultivated our attachment to the land, to the nature. A heritage that has been passed down from father to son for 3 generations of producers, and whom they are keen to respect, preferring grass fed cows.



We defend taste: a true, authentic taste, unprocessed using only gentle processes, respectful of the nature of the product, which make our difference!



We are committed to building a history of men that benefits everyone: whether through the quality of life of our breeders or the quality of the milk we offer to consumers.